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Coffee on Desk

Welcome to Desert Insight
where we believe that getting therapy should be as simple and normal as getting coffee

We're here to make mental health support accessible, relatable, and as routine as your morning cup of coffee.

We're on a mission to normalize the idea that getting help is for everyone.

You are not alone. Life's ups and downs can sometimes disguise themselves, much like the symptoms listed below. If you are having a difficult time, please know there is help. Our compassionate team is here and ready to serve you.

Overthinking and preparing for the worst

Angry "for no reason"

Feeling or thinking that bad things are going to happen

Feeling lonely even when you have support

Feeling stuck, confused or indecisive

Feeling anxious or sad most days

Panic Attacks that feel like a "heart attack"

Insecurities & Low Self-esteem

Having trouble expressing yourself

Relational Conflict

At Desert Insight we target common mental health symptoms that people may mistake for "it's just the way I am" or "that's just life". Our mission is to partner with you to reach tangible goals that will lead to a healthier mind and life beyond therapy



Are you or someone you love struggling with issues related to trauma, grief, depression, addiction, self-esteem, anxiety, or major life changes?


We provide specialized support for children ages 6+ and teens 13+.  Learn more about common symptoms for youth.


Relational therapy can be couples, families, extended families, parent-child, or any relationship important to you.

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Carolina Estrada, LMFT #120906

Hola!  I'm a licensed therapist. I am the proud owner and founder of Desert Insight. We are a group of master level counselors who speak English, Spanish, and Spanglish!   MEET OUR TEAM: Read more...

Carolina Estrada Desert Insight Family Therapy


35-325 Date Palm Drive, Suite 122, Cathedral City, CA  |  Tel: 442-307-3395

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Desert Insight is a proud in-network provider 

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