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Faith Reyes, LMFT #106204

Hi there, I’m Faith, Licensed MFT, Art Therapist and Clinical Supervisor at
Desert Insight. I work with adolescents, adults, and highly sensitive creative
people from all walks of life who may be facing anxiety, depression, trauma, big
life changes, and behaviors or beliefs that no longer serve them well or have
been keeping them from rising to their highest sense of self.

I support clients through a strengths-based and collaborative approach –
building on existing resources, resiliencies and internal wisdom. I honor clients
as the experts in their own experiences, and believe they have within them, all
the tools they need to heal and grow. I strive to create a safe space for affirming
layers of identity, highlighting your unique gifts and facilitating meaningful
connections on a path toward wholeness. Our work together may weave
existential therapy, positive psychology, CBT, DBT, mindfulness practices,
creative self-expression, and ecopsychology (or nature therapy).

Similarly, I work with our Associate Therapists and empower them to utilize their therapy style while ensuring client-centered goals and safety. 

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