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Children and Youth

At Desert Insight we have therapists who have both experience and training in working with children and youth.  As you would imagine, working with children requires experience, patience and a whole lot of love.  Our therapists can provide therapy through play which builds trust, makes therapy more manageable  and allows for easy learning.  Our approach is based on the needs of the child whether that is playing UNO or building Legos together.   Through our interaction with children we are able to better connect, learn about their behaviors, and incorporate coping skills that help children heal, if necessary, and thrive. 



Did you know that your body is smart enough to heal from anxiety, depression, traumas, phobias?  If you've experienced things such as exposure to violence, abuse, harassments, discrimination, natural disasters, emotional neglect, moving a lot, living with parents who fought all the time, shame, divorce, bullying, grief, addiction, emotionally unavailable parents, anxious or critical parents,  the body and the brain require the necessary environment to heal - KINDA LIKE when you heal from a physical wound - there are things your body requires to heal Sometimes it's rest, or enough water, or medical assistance; and just like physical wounds, it all depends on the type of wound and its severity. Our bodies are so complex that they can process emotional healing on their own provided you have the right tools, support and environment.  BUT when people do not have the right support to heal from emotional wounds, it can impact the body (hello anxiety, depression and panic attacks!) and what we believe about ourselves and the world (i.e. "I'm not enough" "No one can be trusted"). BUT HERE is the good news: EMDR utilizes the body's natural healing mechanism to help clients heal what they weren't able to to process on their own, even if it happened decades ago. It is so incredibly powerful and we are thankful to have the training and skills to provide it to our clients!


Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy is an extensively researched, effective psychotherapy method proven to help people recover from trauma and other distressing life experiences, including PTSD, anxiety, depression, and panic disorders.

Please visit the EMDRIA website to learn more!


Just for Moms

It is often presumed that the time leading up to and following a baby’s birth is often joyful, but little is talked about the mental health challenges that mother's face whether it is a new mom or a mother of five. Postpartum depression is perhaps the best-known perinatal mental health condition, but psychological and emotional reactions vary widely and can occur at any time before, during, or after pregnancy. Some amount of anxiety and stress is a normal part of pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting, but when these conditions become especially frequent or intense, they can have an adverse effect not only on the MOM or MOM TO BE, but also the family unit as a whole. Here at Desert Insight we care about moms; we want you to be well.  We understand the high demands surrounding motherhood and we provide tools to help you be your best self for you and for those that you care about.  We have therapists that specialize in support to moms who have a lot of experience and a lot of heart. Give us a call!  ***MOM SUPPORT GROUPS TO BEGIN SOON, EMAIL US TO GET UPDATES. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO.