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Matthew Wettlaufer, AMFT #129893

So you have taken that step to seek therapy support, maybe again, or for the first time ever.  You may be struggling to keep your nose above the water or desperate for a sense of purpose and clarity.  Hi, I am Matt, I am a bilingual therapist in English and Spanish.  I have 31 years of sobriety and 18 years of experience as a visual artist and art therapist. I am also human and understand what it's like to feel hurt, trapped, stuck, misunderstood, confused, unseen...and on and on.  You get it. I get it.

I am especially compelled to provide therapy for people who grew up in alcoholic/dysfunctional homes, LGBTQ issues, people who suffered abuse as children and those currently struggling with substance abuse. These are all matters that are close to my heart and I understand the depression, anxiety and codependency that often results from such experiences.

I use solution-focused therapy for issues that can be solved by adjustments to thinking or acting in the present moment.  But sometimes it's deeper than that and it requires us to dig and learn about our past. I also utilize art therapy whereby we use creative outlets as ways of exploring and processing difficult emotions. Each approach is tailored to you. 


I accept CIGNA or EVERNORTH and cash pay. Click here to book an appointment.  BOOK NOW >>>

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