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Carolina Loaiza, LCSW #113395

I'm Carolina, and I'm deeply rooted in the Coachella Valley community. With 8 years of experience in social work, I've worked with various groups of people in both hospital and outpatient settings. This has given me insight into the needs of our community and fueled my passion for advocating for my clients. 

I offer a welcoming space for people who are ready to receive therapy support. I recognize it takes a lot of courage to seek help which is why I have made it my goal to provide a safe space where you can openly discuss your problems without fear of being judged or dismissed. In other words, and in all words, your needs, your feelings, your deepest inner-thoughts - they all matter.

You matter.

As a therapist, I use different methods like CBT, narrative therapy, and solution-focused therapy to address each person's unique needs. Together, we can work towards positive change and growth - at your pace. If you're ready to begin your journey towards healing, know that you're not alone. You make the first call and we take it from there. I look forward to meeting you!

A little about me: Outside of work, I enjoy traveling and spending time outdoors with my dog. I believe in the power of connection and find joy in exploring the world around me.

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