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If you're unsure on whether your symptoms would be appropriate for therapy, below I have provided a couple of self-assessments in the form of checklists. These are NOT a formal or informal diagnosis.  They are meant to be educational, I hope you find them helpful.

Anxiety Checklist

Depression Checklist

Trauma Checklist

Other Resources

Let's say you are eager to get help and you'd like to get started.  Or let's say that maybe due to finances or time you're unable to receive therapy at this time. In either of those cases, I would like to just say that in order to heal or grow you will need to make some time for you, even if it is to just read or journal. That being said, I love to give out resources so I'll give you my two favorite resources:


  • Dr. Margaret Paul, the co-creator of Inner Bonding 

  • Dr. Gay and Katie Hendricks, the Hendricks Institute


There are great because they address anything between depression, anxiety, grief, relationships and more. I recommend their books, their programs and articles. They also send articles directly to your email if you subscribe to their mailings.



The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

7 Habits by Stephen Covey

Codependency and Addiction

Codependent no more by Melody Beattie

Gentle Path by by Patrick Carnes

12 Steps and 12 Traditions by Bill W. 

Couple's Literature

The Gottman Institute 

5 Languages of Love Gary Chapman

How We Love by Kay Yerkovich and Milan Yerkovich


Videos and books by Brene Brown

Maximum Confidence by Jack Canfield

These are the ones that immediately come to mind, I will be adding to this library from time to time. 

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