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Children & Teens

Behavior problems that last for months at a time could be a sign that a child could benefit from mental health therapy. Below are a list of common symptoms for which children/youth receive support:


  • Acting out

  • Anger outbursts 

  • Anxiety that interferes with normal activities, such as school work or social activities

  • Fears

  • Wetting the bed

  • Low Self esteem

  • Frequent stomach aches/headaches,

  • Withdrawn from family, friends and social activities

  • Life adjustments like moving or divorce 

  • Loss of a loved one

  • Not "acting" their age

  • Constant fighting 

  • Damaging property 

  • Disrespect for authority figures 

  • Dishonesty

  • Dramatic mood swings

  • Engaging in early sexual activity 

  • Frequent nightmares

  • Performing poorly in school 

  • Threatening to run away

  • Skipping school

  • Significant changes in sleeping or eating habits

  • Stealing

  • Using drugs or alcohol

At Desert Insight we have therapists who have both experience and training in working with children and youth.  As you would imagine, working with children requires experience, patience and a whole lot of love.  Our therapists can provide therapy through play which builds trust, makes therapy more manageable  and allows for easy learning.  Our approach is based on the needs of the child whether that is playing UNO or building Legos together.   Through our interaction with children we are able to better connect, learn about their behaviors, and incorporate coping skills that help children heal, if necessary, and thrive. 

Teens on the other hand are, well, TEENS.  The approach is different prioritizing safety and trust. The relationship between a teen and their therapist is one that is typically led by the teen's needs and interests. The therapist provides an environment that allows teens to feel safe to share their feelings, thoughts and inner conflict.  Our goal is to facilitate a healthy way to process the ever complex experience of adolescence while reducing mental health symptoms of depression, irritability, poor concentration, anxiety, acting out, to name a few. As it is with all of our clients, we are client-centered and goal-oriented. 

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