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Attendance Policy

Desert Insight Attendance Policy


At Desert Insight, we deeply value the time and commitment of our therapists and clients. When a session is scheduled, it represents a dedicated time slot reserved specifically for you. We kindly ask for mutual respect and understanding of each other's time. Please familiarize yourself with our attendance policy outlined below:


Cancellation Policy: Clients are encouraged to cancel sessions with more than 24 hours' notice to avoid any interruption in their scheduled sessions. Please contact your therapist directly or respond to the automated text reminder to cancel with more than 24 hours in advance. 

Late Cancellation: Cancellations made within a 24-hour period prior to the scheduled session are considered late cancellations.

No Show: Failing to attend a scheduled session without notifying your therapist is considered a no-show.


Client Attendance Policy for Scheduled/Recurring Sessions

1. Allowed Incidents:

  • No Shows: Clients are allowed one (1) "No Show"

  • Late Cancellations: Clients are allowed two (2) late cancellations.

2. Consequences for Exceeding Allowed Incidents:

  • Second No-Show OR Third Late Cancellation: Either a second no-show or a third late cancellation will result in the termination of services.

3. Termination Procedure:

  • If a client is removed from the schedule due to repeated late cancellations or no-shows, they will be moved to the waitlist.

  • Clients on the waitlist have the opportunity to return to therapy at a later time, either with the same therapist or another available therapist.

4. Waitlist Removal:

  • If we do not hear from a client within 2 weeks of being moved to the waitlist, the client will be removed from the waitlist.

We understand that unexpected events occur, and exceptions may be made in extenuating circumstances. However, consistent adherence to this policy ensures fairness and efficiency in scheduling for all clients and therapists.

If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact our Executive Director directly at 442-307-3395 ext 2.

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