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Carolina Vasquez, LMFT #120906
CEO and Founder

Hola, I'm Carolina. When I initialy went into psychology, I wanted to dive into research not practice. I was hungry for answers and solutions. But when I began to do my practicum work, something unexpected happened: I fell in love with the work. The deep connections I formed with clients opened my eyes to the transformative power of human connection, and I couldn't get enough. Over the past years, I've had the privilege of immersing myself in Inner-Child work, EMDR therapy, and ego-state therapy, delving deep into the realms of trauma and intergenerational trauma. 

I'm so grateful to all the clients who have allowed me into their lives over the past decade or more. Through their stories and experiences, I've witnessed the profound ways in which the human body can heal from trauma, anxiety, depression, and more. Exploring the incredible potential of the body and compassion in healing has felt like unlocking the answers I've been searching for all my life. 

I have been humbled through this experience in the best possible way - because as I have been growing as a practitioner, I have also been healing big and old wounds.  I am by no means “there” or perfect but it’s been this very thing, accepting all of me, the good and the scary, that has led the way. In fact, it’s been the falling on my face enough times that has kept me grounded to a mission I didn’t know I was embarking.


And now, from this very place, a place of humanity and compassion, I'm thrilled to extend EMDR intensives services to those seeking something different.


Because the way I see it...we are in an exciting time in history where we don't just get to settle for "it is what it is" - we get to heal, and we get to heal for good.



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